The East View Farm Railway is a private 7¼ inch railway set in beautiful countryside close to the Broads in Norfolk. This website is intended to keep our members and friends updated on our progress with our projects and our member running days.

Please note that we run the railway purely for our members and their friends and family. We do not have public open days. Visits are by invitation only please.

90 and counting !


                           Ray with his EVFR mates

The lovely ‘Plymouth’ brought along by one of Ray’s previous                                                          neighbours

We are still enjoying our railway and the recent lovely sunny days have allowed us to enjoy running trains  and watch them go by in the warm sunshine, very relaxing and very enjoyable. On Saturday last (18th) we had a little celebration as it was Ray’s 90 birthday on Sunday ,so we thought it would be nice to have a running day to celebrate his special birthday. Ray is now being looked after in a local care home and he enjoys his little trips out on running days !

                             Ray enjoying a ride behind’ Prospero’

So a gathering of some of his previous neighbours and friends came along and enjoyed a party atmosphere in the clubroom which had been decorated with balloons and  colourful banners. A good variety of food and drinks were consumed and then we ran some trains ! ‘Prospero’, ‘Bronwyn’ and ‘Hercules’ were out together with Chieftain and Viceroy’ ,all running under the control of our impressive (well we think !) automatic colour light signals. A lovely day.  

Brian B hiding behind ‘Hercules ‘ steam (he’s very camera shy!!!)

John’s wagon is just about complete and runs very well, and there is a seat that can be added to turn it into a Guard’s vehicle should we need one at any time, another useful item of rolling stock for the EVFR.
Brian B is busy working on a driving trailer/ tender for his lovely ‘Hercules’ steam loco, and we look forward to seeing it attached in its final form soon !….our steam locos are all in good nick with a new sight glass fitted to ‘Bronwyn’ following which she had a good polish and came out to play, she’s a lovely little engine and loves being out on the EVFR.
Kevin and Keith are looking into the electrics on’Chieftain’ which are in need of some attention, new LEDs have been fitted to the loco front and rear and then she will have some cosmetics done as she /he is looking a bit tatty.. ‘

Kevin working on ‘Chieftain’s Lights

Viceroy’ is to have a master charging socket fitted so as to save having to take off the bonnet and disconnect the batteries for each charge, and we keep discussing whether to turn the centre driving wheels into flangeless  in the hope that would prevent some of the derailments that occur from time to time?
We have also done some improvements on one of the 3 way points leading into the yard off the main, as there have been issues with the frogs and check rails, it is much better now ,with some rotten sleepers replaced too.
The station fencing has been re stained and the flower boxes replanted to look smart during the summer , and we have started to restain the other timber fencing and gates around the site.
and Peter cannot understand why his new Raspberry Pi carriage engine isn’t working ?

                      ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Marching Into April !!!

Hi There
Well we have been quite busy to say the least, with work continuing to test and refine our automatic colour light signalling installation which is working well with just one or two items to attend to, including the labelling of all the cable boxes and push buttons so we all know what to do to get stock in and out of Laurel Sidings. We have also installed a white LED on some of the signals to confirm that a loco has entered a detection track section, at which time the LED goes out to signify to the driver that the system recognises the presence of a loco/train there .Well done to everyone’s efforts in establishing this system of which we are very pleased!!!!



Viceroy held at a red signal during a                                   test


We have also started work on the construction of our ‘ballast’ wagon which will form a useful addition to our ‘work train’ fleet.


          Chassis on the bench



             Rolling radius check



All our locos and coaches have undergone their annual maintenance check so all are ‘good to go’.
We are also delighted that Brian B has acquired a lovely ‘Wren’ 0-4-0 loco, ‘Hercules’ which is now based on the EVFR and has been checked , tweaked and put into service, temporarily using ‘Bronwyn’s tender while Brian completes his riding trailer for the loco.The loco runs very well and most of us have had a drive !!, so another pleasing addition the the EVFR fleet.



                   Brian B with ‘Hercules’ on a test run

Kevin and Thomas are planning on building a tram  loco and we look forward to seeing that in action in the future, but early days yet in the planning of the loco. We shall also be looking to re-installing an additional storage track in the  shed down at Laurel Sidings to accommodate these extra item of rolling stock! (we need to consider renaming that area as there are no Laurels there anymore!!!)
Then on Saturday (30th March) we had a ‘Hot Cross Buns’ specials day when some 20 or so of our members and friends enjoyed a day of trains, food and chat, excellent,. The weather was lovely and we had ‘Chieftain’, ‘Prospero’,’The Shay’, ‘Isabel’ and ‘Hercules’ out and about, at one time all out together so a PIC was needed to maintain order !! Great fun….    


                                        A selection of the day’s trains

EVFR milestone !


The Boys relaxing in the Clubroom

      The Boys relaxing in the Clubroom

Thomas with Viceroy on signal                         testing

We are delighted to report that on Saturday (27th), we sucessfully tested the automatic operation of our new colour light signalling installation , when Thomas drove ‘Viceroy’ into the station and as he approached the signal at the end of the loop entering the detection track panel, it turned to green (indicating that the next section is clear) and then back to red once the loco was in the next section..When Thomas then reversed the loco into the (clockwise) platform, once again, as the loco moved onto the track detection panel, the signal turned green.

                          Peter’s ‘computers’ on checking duty

So we are very pleased that all our thoughts,chats and planning efforts, have now been  satisfactorily proved to work> A great team effort from everyone involved which will now enable us to continue to wire up the remainder of the system, as we now have all the cables installed along the tracks and all the signal posts in position…. 





The stages of our signals installation

Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024

We enjoyed a good pre Christmas Mince Pie specials running day on 23rd December when some 15 folks came along and enjoyed the day. Lots of mince pies, sausage rolls and more were consumed and the trains looked after by ‘Prospero,’ the ‘Shay ‘, ‘Chieftain’, and ‘Viceroy’. An excellent day !
and so to the new year, all at the EVFR would like to wish you, all your families and friends, a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year. We look forward to running lots of trains, having lots of fun and getting to grips with some new projects ????
From all the EVFR Boys and Girls 

Seasonal Greetings

Hi there

We would like to wish you and all your family and friends a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy 2024, with lots of trains !!!!  Take care

From all the Boys and Girls at the East View Farm Railway

Happy Christmas !

November update

Hi there
Well how time flies, can’t believe its almost December and that means another year nearly gone ! But it’s been a very good year on our railway with plenty going on and a very warm and friendly atmosphere with everyone involved. So in anticipation of some cold weather as winter draws near, we have drained ‘Bronwyn’ and ‘Isabel’, moving them up into the workshop area where they are tucked up under quilts to keep them cosy. ‘Prospero’ is also cleaned  down and drained ready to move to join the other steam locos over the Winter.

                                                           ‘Bronwyn’ and ‘Isabel’ tucked in



                                                       Thomas and Kevin working on   Prospero’


The station benches, seats , and fencing have all been moved into the carriage shed.
Work continues on the signalling project with the ‘Raspberry Pi’ fitted into the control cabinet in the carriage shed, and another signal post is now concreted in position alongside the anticlockwise headshunt track .


Another track detection section has also been  wired in on the clockwise track here.

                                     JP with BB supervising the wiring to a track detection track section


Some push buttons switches have been obtained courtesy of Brian B which will be ideal for using when  requesting and completing shunting or train movements in and out of the carriage and pit sheds, and turntable tracks. So we are almost at a point (forgive the pun!!!) where we can test the signals and track detection tracks in the station area, which will be a major step forward….
Leaf clearing is also taking place as the trees shed their colourful autumn displays which have been very attractive this year…    

Great Running day !


             Locos being prepared with much ‘mardling’ !


On Saturday 14th October we enjoyed a very good running day, although there was a very cool wind , we put on our warmer clothes and had a good day with ‘Prospero’, ‘Isabel’, ‘Chieftain’ and  the ‘Shay’, all performing well, with drivers Peter, John, Kevin,Thomas, Keith, Richard and Brian all taking a spell on the locos.

                                    JP working on ‘Isabel’



Keith with ‘Prospero’


Peter and ‘Prospero’ coming wrong road round new loop extension


Thomas brings ‘Prospero’ out of the station


We continue progressing with the signals installations with more cabling installed along side the old headshunt, so we are getting there bit by bit. Kevin helped by coming up with some 12 v LED s which are much brighter in the signal heads so they are what we will use for all the signals now.,

cable run and junction to signal post at anti clockwise exit from headshunt loop


‘Isabel’ with John in charge coming along the old station stretch


‘Horticultural ‘ work continues with good use being made of John’s new ‘mini mulcher’  which is doing a great job of reducing the tree and bush cuttings. We hope to have a running session after our AGM, , and then we will be thinking of taking in the platform fencing and seats etc to their winter storage, and maybe thinking of draining down the steamers ready to bring up to the top workshop for their winter storage…..then there are some  Clubhouse maintenance items to attend to like redecs and replacing a MDF widow cill that has swollen. It would also be good to get a coat of stain on the external woodwork before Winter sets in, so always plenty of jobs to do !!!!

September time

Hi there
Plenty going on at the moment with most efforts being concentrated on the signal installation work. Cable ducts have been laid from the carriage shed to the platform and the two signals at the platform have been installed, wired up, tested and working fine. The track detection sections at the station are also wired and satisfactorily tested too . The ‘control’ box which will contain the ‘computer’, relays, switches etc, all designed with Peter’s knowledge, is now fixed in the carriage shed ready to receive the cables…
We are also pleased to report that we had an excellent Fun Day at the club on Saturday with good weather, lots of loco running and lots of friends and family joining us.
Keith, John, Brian, Richard and myself were all there running things plus visits from Brian Baker, Kevin and family, Stuart and Isaac plus some spouses/partners.
We starting running trains at about 3.30pm, had fish and chips about 6pm and finally put the locos to bed about 7pm. At the last minute ‘Isabel’s fire failed (problem with clinker) and I was so pleased that ‘Prospero’ was able to pull ‘Isabel ‘ back to the sheds even though ‘Prospero ‘only had 40 psi of steam pressure as we had been deliberately running her down ready for the final blow down.
Both Kevin’s grandson Thomas and Isaac did a lot of driving of ‘Prospero’ with both of them doing very well. The ‘Shay’, ‘Chieftain’ and ‘Viceroy ‘also all came out for a run during the afternoon.

August running day

                                       Steaming up

Hi there
What a lovely day we had at our running day on Saturday. Excellent weather, good company and some brilliant running of trains.
John, Keith, Brian, Richard and myself were there to set everything up. Later on we had Dave with his son Andrew, Stuart with Isaac. Ben joined us for a while, and in the afternoon we had John and Jane’s friends from the local Parkinson’s support group. So it was a busy day.
We had Chieftain, Isabel, Prospero and the Shay running with all our coaches

                First trains over new concrete crossing

We were so busy on Wednesday finishing the new track that we had not done any preparation for this day so we were busy getting everything ready in the morning. Prospero and Isabel were steamed up about noon and we cautiously took them and Chieftain along the new track with lots of ‘advisors’ watching the progress. (all went very smoothly !) Dave had a drive of Chieftain and his son Andrew had a brief drive of Prospero. When Stuart and Isaac arrived, Stuart took lots of photos. Isaac had a drive on Prospero.
After lunch John’s visitors started to arrive so we buckled down to some serious driving as we gave them trips around the track.

           The Shay trundling round with two of our visitors

From my point of view this was the best day I have ever had with Prospero. We ran for around three hours and Prospero only dropped below 80 psi once when the fire was a little low but I soon recovered it. At 3pm I took out the fire and drained the loco down but it would have carried on running if I had wanted to do that.
Around 3 pm we stopped for tea and some delicious cakes, the latter kindly provided by our visitors. It didn’t take us long to put everything away in the sheds. So all in all a very enjoyable day . (Peter)

Station scene



August activity

         First coach testing the new track

Well we have been quite busy this month dodging the showers, nevertheless, excellent progess has been made on our extended layby loop. The track is all laid now,connected and laid more or less to level. We have put the top ballast layer on the outside and between the rails, but we have had to leave the side next to the timber edging until we have laid in the signalling and track sensor cables. 

       Track ballasting in progress

After much deliberation and measuring on site, we ordered  6 x100m drums which we hope will be enough ! The cables arrived on Saturday afternoon so we can now lay these in and complete the track ballast and final tamping and levelling, ready for running.



The tractor crossing was concreted on Wednesday too…While all this has been going on, the usual gardening work continues as nature don’t not stop things growing!!!!

            The EVFR A1 concreting Gang!!!

Kevin made a visit too and it was good to see him out and about again.

Richard,s Happy now that the tractor's back!
Richard’s happy now that JP’s tractor’s back !